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This Archive is a searchable document repository containing source documents related to the aerial drop of diphacinone on Lehua Island in August and September 2017. It is designed for use by researchers, policymakers, scientists and others requiring quick access to official source documents.

A Search Bar at the top right of each page in this website brings users to relevant Archive pages and documents. 

The Archive includes publicly released government and agency documents, assessment reports, applicable laws, violation and enforcement reports, state commission and agency meeting minutes and news articles, including video footage and images from key television news broadcasts, print and Hawaii state news outlets.

The Archive was assembled through the input of scientists, legal researchers, policy watchdogs and others concerned about the lack of public awareness about the ecosystem and habitat risks of the Lehua Island aerial poison drops. 

For questions about this Archive, or to request additional source information, please use this Contact Form.


Lehua Island

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