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Photos: DLNR documentation of August 23 Rodenticide Drop on Lehua

Articles on public concerns about the aerial drop:
OP-ED: Despite Research, Preparations, Rat Concerns Remain
(The Garden Island Op-Ed, August 24, 2017)
OP-ED: Delay of Rat Poison Would Be Best
(The Garden Island  Op-Ed, August 7, 2017)
Objections Rise to Poison Plan
(The Garden Island, August 4, 2017)
State to Investigate Poison Use Planned for Lehua
(The Garden Island, August 3, 2017)
Questions Still Rising Over Rat Poison Plan
(The Garden Island, July 28, 2017)
The Lehua Aerial Poison Drop – Endangering Native Hawaiians and the Local Fishing Industry?
(Huffington Post, June 7, 2017)
Reaction of Ni'ihauan community to the failed 2009 aerial rodenticide drop:
Ni'ihau Residents Upset by New Eradication Plan
(Honolulu Advertiser, October 2009)
Click here for news on more recent events,
including on Hawaii legislative investigative hearing (October 2017), video release of fish and bird die-off (September 2018) and death of five whales in mass stranding on Kaua‘i (October 2017).
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