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Statements of Concern

The following sample statements were submitted as part of a legally required formal public comment process of HRS 341 and 343.  The letters (submitted voluntarily by a range of respondents including the EPA, state Department of Health, the former head of Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Branch, native Hawaiian organizations, policy groups and residents) expressed specific concerns regarding the state and federal Draft Environmental Assessments.

The letters, in various ways, express the need for careful, comprehensive, place-based researched and a more serious exploration and consideration of alternatives before resorting to aerial blanketing of an island to achieve conservation goals. 


Many of the letters stated support for the protection of migratory birds but felt that the means of addressing protection unreasonably jeopardized the overall ecosystem health of Lehua, Ni'ihau. Several also commented on the lack of genuine community outreach and local input in this policy decision.

Synopses of the statements will be added shortly, but the letters can now be downloaded individually. 


  • Letter from Kaliko Santos, memorializing the comments from the small west Kauai audience at DLNR's public consultation meeting on April 3, 2017

Read this August 2, 2017 letter from State House Representative Daynette "Dee" Morikawa to the heads of DLNR and Dept. of Agriculture (cc: Gov. David Ige) urging reconsideration and additional consultation with the west Kauai community:
Excerpt, Morikawa letter:
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